Standing Ovation

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On September 26, 2010, I was involved in a severe accident on my way back to school. I was T-boned by a pick-up truck immediately after getting off exit 116. I was air-lifted to the trauma hospital in Savannah at Memorial University Hospital. I sustained several injuries in which my pelvis was broken, my upper vertebrae was cracked, and I had trauma to the head. I remained in a coma for at least three months, was classified as a quadriplegic for six months,and in a wheelchair for seven months.

The part of my brain that was hit the hardest, the left hemisphere, is responsible for speech and memory. I couldn’t talk for three months, and the doctors said I probably would never speak again. If for some reason I did, I wouldn’t be able to recognize anyone including my own family. However, I started talking on New Year’s day. My mom started praising God, and yelled and told my dad. When he came downstairs, the very first thing he asked me was, “Who am I?” I whispered, “Daddy.”

My brain stem was also separated 14mm from my spinal cord. The limit before decapitation takes place, is 2-3 mm.  Because of this, the medical professionals said that I would never walk again. They performed another X-ray, and God had brought my vertebrae and brain stem back together. They said there was no medical explanation for this, and that they must have looked wrong. No, they looked right. There may be no medical explanation, but there is a spiritual explanation. I’ve gone from wheelchair to walker, from walker to quad cane, from quad cane  to single cane, and the next step is to walk without a helping device.

While I was in the hospital, the doctors performed two surgeries on me in which they gave me a higher chance of dying on the table than coming out of the surgeries alive. In one of the surgeries, they almost did lose me because my heart rate and blood pressure started dropping.  They told my parents that they didn’t know what happen, but all of a sudden everything started getting back normal.

I know what happened. It was God. They also said they could tell the patients that have a will to live from those that just give up and die. I have a will to live, and even though I was unconscious, the Holy Spirit intervened for me since I wasn’t able to fight for my life myself.

I went back to school just a little short of my one year anniversary; fall 2011, and earned a perfect 4.0 in the two classes I took. Although I wasn’t physically ready, I was mentally ready. That’s amazing when I was diagnosed with having a so-called ”brain injury”. Mrs. Groover along with Dr. Debonis, an advertising professor, arranged their classes online for me. It’s been two years since the accident, and I may not be where I want to be, but I’m going to keep on pushing until I get there.

After all that happened to me, I’m still standing. God brought me to it, and He promises to see me ALL the way through it.


I’m thankful for!

1. I want to give thanks to my Lord and personal savior, Jesus Christ. It is because of His unmerited favor and everlasting grace that we all are even able to breathe.

2. I am very thankful for my family. It’s crazy how it takes a tragedy to happen for us to realize the most important things. And my family has stuck by me through everything that has happened these past two years. When I didn’t even know I was still in this world, my family was by my hospital bed cheering me on to wake up. And thank God I did!

3.  I am so thankful to be graduating next spring with a bachelors in PR and my minor in journalism. It’s been such a long time coming, but that degree will mean more to me than any material possession. God helped me to overcome everything that man said was impossible.

4. I have to give Mrs. Groover and Dr. Debonis a shout out for everything they did for me. They arranged two independent studies online for me, which made it possible to recover and be in school at the same time.

5.   The SDRC on campus. I didn’t use any of the accommodations they suggested for me, but I love the fact that I got priority registration for next spring. Everything is ready for next semester.

6. My friends. I learned the hard way that most of them ain’t _____. (I’m 8 months clean of cursing) But I appreciate the ones who actually know what friendship means.

7. My iPad 3. I’m so thankful for it, and I randomly just won it in a drawing. The iPad 4 came out like 2 weeks after I won it, but I’m still grateful to have it.

8. I’m just thankful for life itself! It truly is a blessing when God allows us to see another year.

9. My butt. I’m sorry; I just had to say that. I really am thankful for it, and I thinks it’s awesome.

10. I’m thankful for my university, the real GSU. Our university is great, and I hate when I see people wearing UGA paraphernalia. I’m like why didn’t these people just go there? And then I remember that people didn’t go there because they probably couldn’t get in.

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Phone apps

What applications (apps) do you have on your phone? Which do you use the most often? Why?

What is your opinion on paid apps? Are they worth the cost?

Do you recommend apps to your friends? Has anyone recommended an app that have added to your phone?

I’ve installed a Facebook app, Twitter app, Instagram app, sticky note app, Scramble with Friend’s app, calorie app, and Yahoo email app on my phone. My phone came with several apps that I have never used before. The only one I use is the YouTube app. Right now I’m on day seven of the 21 day Daniel fast. This was strictly a personal choice on my end. I’m not going on any social media networks, so that weeds out Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Therefore, I’m only able to play the Scramble with Friends. I enjoy playing this game because it strengthens the pathways in my brain. When I first started playing Scramble, I was tragic. I think my highest score was like in the sixties. However, my highest score up to this date has been 656. I also like playing this game because I get to work on my dexterity in my hands. The better I get, the higher my score also gets.

I feel that paid apps are a complete waste of time. I’ve never understood the point of paying for an app. I’m probably the cheapest person on this planet, so if there’s a fee for the app, then it won’t be bought by me. Straight like that.

My friend Stephanie recommended the calorie counter app because she said that her cousin lost a lot of weight using it. At first, I thought the app was very similar to weight watchers. You just put in your weight, your desired weight, and then it calculates how many calories you can have a day. I stayed under my calorie goal every day, and I still GAINED weight. It was only 2 lbs, but still. That app is a ghetto-fied weight watchers, and I changed its name to sabotage tracker. I lost the 2 lbs that I gained, and never again will I be sabotaged. I haven’t recommended any apps to my friends except for Scramble with Friends. 

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I hate it when ____!!

Everyone has them. Some are minor, while others seem to drive you over the edge. What are they? Pet peeves. Those things that annoy us. What annoys you and why? What drives you nuts?

I have several pet peeves; smacking your food, laziness, uncleanliness. However, my biggest pet peeve of all would have to be snoring. I know that this is not something that a person can control, so maybe it is wrong for me to identify it as a pet peeve. The sound of snoring totally gets on my nerves; literally! As soon as I hear it, I immediately start itching all over. I have really sensitive nerves, and I can’t deal with the sound of snoring.

My dad is the most terrible, horrible, disgusting snorer ever. I’m itching even thinking about it. It literally sounds like someone is goggling their saliva when they snore. When I get married, having a husband that snores would definitely be grounds for divorce. I can’t and I won’t do it. My itching is out of control now, so I’m cutting this blog post short.

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