Bishop Eddie Long accused of Sexual Coercion

Bishop Eddie Long–pastor of prospering and well-known church New Birth– was accused of coercing two young boys in his congregation to  have sex with him in exchange for lavish trips, cars, and cash. The two young boys have filed a law suit against him, and even though he has not had a court case yet things are not looking good.

This situation bothers me for so many reasons. Bishop Eddie long is in the position were thousands of people listen to him spread the word of the christian gospel, and having affair on your wife and sleeping with two young boys in your congregation is just wrong and sick on so many levels. Honestly, I am not in a position to judge anyone on what they choose to do. But I  strongly feel that if you do like men there is no reason to live a secret life by pretending that you are only attracted to women. It makes me wonder who can be trusted and who can’t.

Check out this article in the AJC, and see how you feel. I’m anxious to know the opinions of others.


Illegal U-Turn goes wrong…goodness TI

Rapper and actor T.I was already serving a three year probation for a felony gun charge when him and his wife, Tiny, were pulled over for making an illegal u-turn. Police allegedly smelled marijuana and then searched the vehicle, which resulted in the substance being found. After the substances were tested, the results showed them to be Ectasy.

In this situation T.I has obviously put his publisct in a lose-lose situation…What could he/she possibly say to the public to save his reputation? After all this is their job to fix the reputation of their client when troubles come their way.

In my opinion I would never want to represent a major celebrity who stays in and out of trouble with the law. Although the money may be good, the stress of dealing with their drama may not be worth it.