What I’ve learned in social media & PR

Woo hoo! This is the last blog post of this semester, and I’m glad we get to discuss what we have learned in Groover’s class this semester. Well, I must say that I’ve been a social media junkie since the Myspace days. I was definitely a little Myspace freak, and I incorrectly used social media. However, being in this has taught me how to use social media to my benefit. I feel as if all public relation majors need to know how to use social media. My client for the past 14 weeks was McDonalds. I got to see how they use social media for their benefit as well as to better their sales on products. McDonalds easily beats out all the other fast-food chains on social media. I also am seeing just how well PR and social media go together. Before taking this class, I never knew that the two could be as closely related as they are.

I can’t think of anything that I would change about this class. The weekly reports we had to do each week really helped me out greatly with writing my final paper. Maybe we could follow more than one client. I know that I personally got annoyed reading the numerous posts about the freakin’ dollar menu every week. 

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2 thoughts on “What I’ve learned in social media & PR

  1. I think most of us feel like we have misused social media after taking this class. We all used it for venting, checking on friends and other things. Now, we all have a better understanding of the use of social media and I know I used it less because of this knowledge now.

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