Phone apps

What applications (apps) do you have on your phone? Which do you use the most often? Why?

What is your opinion on paid apps? Are they worth the cost?

Do you recommend apps to your friends? Has anyone recommended an app that have added to your phone?

I’ve installed a Facebook app, Twitter app, Instagram app, sticky note app, Scramble with Friend’s app, calorie app, and Yahoo email app on my phone. My phone came with several apps that I have never used before. The only one I use is the YouTube app. Right now I’m on day seven of the 21 day Daniel fast. This was strictly a personal choice on my end. I’m not going on any social media networks, so that weeds out Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Therefore, I’m only able to play the Scramble with Friends. I enjoy playing this game because it strengthens the pathways in my brain. When I first started playing Scramble, I was tragic. I think my highest score was like in the sixties. However, my highest score up to this date has been 656. I also like playing this game because I get to work on my dexterity in my hands. The better I get, the higher my score also gets.

I feel that paid apps are a complete waste of time. I’ve never understood the point of paying for an app. I’m probably the cheapest person on this planet, so if there’s a fee for the app, then it won’t be bought by me. Straight like that.

My friend Stephanie recommended the calorie counter app because she said that her cousin lost a lot of weight using it. At first, I thought the app was very similar to weight watchers. You just put in your weight, your desired weight, and then it calculates how many calories you can have a day. I stayed under my calorie goal every day, and I still GAINED weight. It was only 2 lbs, but still. That app is a ghetto-fied weight watchers, and I changed its name to sabotage tracker. I lost the 2 lbs that I gained, and never again will I be sabotaged. I haven’t recommended any apps to my friends except for Scramble with Friends. 

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5 thoughts on “Phone apps

  1. Sticky note! I need this back! I’d forgotten how helpful it was to keep reminders pinned to my home page until I read this–thank you! I don’t agree with your take on paying for apps, though. I feel like there are some things that need to be paid for in order to help the creator keep innovating. I paid for an app to be able to Slide with my keyboard instead of typing and I’d say it’s the best investment I’ve made to date hehe!

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  3. Haha. I, too, do not see the point in paying for an app. If you pay for it and it’s bad, you feel bad. I have only once paid for an app and it was because I used a trial version of it and liked it. That app (shazaam) is now free, so I can legally say that I have no paid apps on my phone.

  4. I don’t personally own a smartphone but I do think that the games that they have available are appealing and would be fun to play–especially since you can play against people on other phones. It doesn’t seem really smart to me either that people just pay ridiculous amounts of money on apps all the time. It is good that the apps have a place for comments and ratings so that people aren’t just purchasing/downloading them without knowledge of how it worked for other people.

  5. I love that you changed the name to sabotage tracker. I hate it when you get a free app and it doesn’t do remotely what it claims it does.

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