I hate it when ____!!

Everyone has them. Some are minor, while others seem to drive you over the edge. What are they? Pet peeves. Those things that annoy us. What annoys you and why? What drives you nuts?

I have several pet peeves; smacking your food, laziness, uncleanliness. However, my biggest pet peeve of all would have to be snoring. I know that this is not something that a person can control, so maybe it is wrong for me to identify it as a pet peeve. The sound of snoring totally gets on my nerves; literally! As soon as I hear it, I immediately start itching all over. I have really sensitive nerves, and I can’t deal with the sound of snoring.

My dad is the most terrible, horrible, disgusting snorer ever. I’m itching even thinking about it. It literally sounds like someone is goggling their saliva when they snore. When I get married, having a husband that snores would definitely be grounds for divorce. I can’t and I won’t do it. My itching is out of control now, so I’m cutting this blog post short.

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4 thoughts on “I hate it when ____!!

  1. Smacking your food drives me crazy! I don’t understand how people cannot understand the amount of noise they are making and how gross and rude it is. It’s funny that you say that about snoring. I hope whoever you marry doesn’t develop a snoring habit later in age ! My brother and my father never used to snore, and now they both do. My mom and my sister-in-law say it is miserable trying to get to sleep first and have looked into buying them something to help. I agree with you though- it definitely is annoying.

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