Social media and PR

From what you have learned so far from this course, and in your personal experiences, why is social media important in public relations? How can social media be used effectively in a public relations campaign and in everyday public relations efforts?

As public a public relations major, I definitely am seeing more and more just how crucial networking is to getting a job. A person may only have their Bachelors degree, but if they are networking with the right people, they are better off than someone who has their Masters. Social media really helps us network if it is used correctly. I already have started networking on Twitter for example. When I took PR writing last fall, we were required to follow at least ten PR professionals. One of the PR professionals, Marsha Friedman, sent me a DM asking me how PR fitted into my overall marketing strategy. I told her that I am a recovering quadriplegic after a bad car crash, and that I wanted to work in the PR dept. at the Shepherd Center, the rehabilitation hospital where I did part of my therapy at. She was inspired by my story and started following me back. She knows all sorts of major people in the PR world, and I have made a social networking buddy if I ever need her for anything. This is a prime example of how social media influences networking.

A PR campaign is just advertising information in a way so that it shapes public opinion and increases brand recognition. Therefore, we use social media effectively in public relation campaigns all the time. Think about it. Most of us check are Facebook at least once daily, and we see ads are always crowding the screen. The ads appeal to whatever you have listed as an interest. I know I see a lot of cheerleading ads because I have been cheering my whole life. Social media sites like Facebook use social media effectively in a public relations campaign.

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3 thoughts on “Social media and PR

  1. I think the Facebook ads are quite creepy. Marketers can choose to display their ads based on all sorts of factors, like race, gender, sexual preference, things you “like”. They are able to really advertise to just their target audience.

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