My life before social media

I remember my family being like the last people on the planet to get anything concerning technology. We finally got cable when I was entering middle school in the 6th grade. Then computer with the internet came two years later when I was in the 8th grade. But not having a cable or the internet, just made my brother and me depend on other things to get through the day. It also meant more family time, which is always a precious thing. My life before social media existed was great. I was a hard core gymnast since age 5, and then I quit at 13 years old. My mom kept me so active that I did not even know what the internet was for a very long time, and I had too much going on with my extracurricular activities to even care about social media by the time I did find out what it was.

My sophomore year in high school, my brother told me about Facebook. When Facebook first came out, it was strictly for college students. I could not wait until I graduated from high school so that I could get on Facebook. Now, anyone can have a Facebook. I feel that when Facebook was only for college students, it motivated people to go to college and make something of themselves. Now, Facebook is open to everyone, and that just annoys me. All of my mom’s nosy friends have a Facebook page, and they always make sure that they report to her what I’m up to. I l used to love Twitter. My best friend and I would go up there and come up with the most idiotic trending topics; trending topics that I’m embarrassed to say because they were all X-rated. I had to grow up, and stop living in the moment. I knew that I wanted to one day get a job, and companies are notorious for searching possible prospects on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I decided to clean up my social because no one would have wanted to hire me if they were to read one of my old tweets, or gone on my Facebook page and saw one of my pictures with me all around alcohol. With that said, my life is completely different now that I have social media. I believe social media can be harmful to all of us because you allow the public to see so much about yourself, and people/companies can be extremely judgmental. I have personally known someone to not get hire based on their Facebook page. A few decades ago, when our parents were out looking for jobs, they didn’t have to worry about the possibility of not getting hired because of content on their Facebook or Twitter page. But we do have that as a worry as if we don’t have enough to worry about.

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2 thoughts on “My life before social media

  1. I can completely relate to being kept so busy that you didn’t have time to think about the internet. I know when I was little my mom had me in every kind of sport, club, and lesson there was in southwest, GA. The good thing is that I actually loved every aspect about this kind of life, but also my sister that is the closest in age to me did these things with me. We got to spend so much time together and became so close. Once we kind of separated and started minding our own business and having our own lives and getting into things on the internet, we didn’t get to spend that much time together. I kind of miss those days. BUT, I can’t give up my Facebook or Twitter. We just need a happy medium! 🙂

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