Public Relations and Mass Media

Well, I don’t watch Sex and the City television series, but I have seen the movie. I imagine the movie would have had to been derived from the sitcom, and if so, I wouldn’t change anything about the Sex and the City image. It’s portraying Public Relations as a woman dominated field of work, which is absolutely true.  I did a little research on this movie, and one of the characters, Samantha, owns her own Public Relations company. In a sense, the sitcom gives the field of Public Relations exposure to all who aren’t aware of it.

I remember when Scandal first came out. I watched a little of the first episode, but couldn’t seem to get into it. Therefore, I also researched this television show since I knew nothing about it. ABC’s website described Scandal as a new show on the life at a crisis PR Agency. When you think of crisis, you think of trouble. Or having a disaster needing dealt with. So I also agree with this image for this reason-As a Public Relationist, part of our job is making sure that our client’s reputation is always squeaky clean to the public; avoiding a crisis all together.

I definitely didn’t know what Mad Men was about. It is also a show portraying Public Relations, so all three of the shows give the field, Public Relations, exposure if anything. I guess I would change the title, “Mad Men” to something that is not as gender biased as that. All of my Public Relations classes are dominated by women, and something like the field of Public Relations is 80% women and 20% men. 

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