My inspiration

I just love that this is a blog post topic. I just recently was telling my mom how my Father who art in Heaven, God, is my inspiration. I think we all don’t give God enough credit for all that He does for us every day. I know that several people will read this blog, and think to themselves, “Why didn’t I think to say Him?” The fact is that so many of us are drawn to name earthly people . Although my mom does inspire me to one day be as good as a mom to my children as she is to my brother and me, my Heavenly Father inspires me so much more to do the impossible. I know that I talk about about it a lot, but my car accident in September 2010 really has turned me into such a new woman. There is medically no explanation why I’m even alive today, but there is a powerful spiritual one. I got back on my feet in less than a year after being paralyzed from the neck down. Some of my therapists just want me to accept where I am now, walking with a cane, but I won’t accept that when I know that I’m capable of so much more. Most people stop making progress after their year mark, but I passed my year mark last September, 26 2011, and I get better every day. It’s going on two years for me, but I’m going to keep pushing until I get my life back. I am inspired by God because of this-He spared my life for a reason. He sees so much in me that I don’t always see in myself. If my Heavenly Father knows that I can do it, who would I be to quit? Don’t get me wrong, almost every day I think that maybe I have reached my potential, but then God sends me a confirmation telling me that I haven’t reached it quite yet.

People tell me all the time that I’m an inspiration. My fight is an inspiration. My strength is an inspiration. My courage is an inspiration. My great faith is an inspiration. My positive outlook on what happened to me is an inspiration. My life changed forever at just the young age of 22, but it changed forever for the best. I realize that I am probably the only person to say God. I also realize that there are some who can’t believe in a man who they have never seen. For so many of us, seeing is believing. But if people really knew my story from start to finish, and how I am doing things that man say are impossible, there is a serious problem if they still can’t believe. I am living proof that God is the same amazing Man from the bible days, and He still indeed does miracles today!


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