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Social media is definitely huge in networking, and that is key for PR students. While I believe that social media is driving the career market, I don’t believe that it’s of that much of importance. The principle that I go by these days is just knowing the right person. A person can have their Master’s and all other prestigious credentials, but if they don’t know the right person, they’re no better off than a person with just a bachelor’s or any college degree if you really want to get technical. For instance, I have an advantage over others simply based off who I know. I did part of my rehab at the Shepherd Center Medical Center in Atlanta, GA, after my car accident in September 2010. I noticed a PR department meeting sign when my mom and I were going to dinner one afternoon. The next day, I asked the director of the hospital what it took to work in their PR department. He told me that I am the ideal candidate that they look for because I’ve actually been through their rehab program first hand, and that he would love to put in a good word for me after I graduate. Therefore, social media is really of no importance in my case.

It seems as if social media is expanding every day. I know about Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress, but I wasn’t aware of Four Square until I read Mrs. Groover’s blog. There are so many different types of social media that it has become ridiculously hard to stay in tune with social media. I would say that it is extremely impossible to keep up.

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3 thoughts on “Social Media

  1. I totally agree about how important actual physical (or at least verbal) networking is. I wouldn’t have my job today if I didn’t know the girl who had the position before me and graduated last December. She knew my major, and had seen my work in class, and was able to suggest me for the position knowing that I would do a good job. Those kinds of connections are so crucial in this market!

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  3. I was inspired by how you turned your negative experience of being in a car wreck into a positive outcome! Often, people do not make the most of hidden opportunities. Every situation can be explored further as a networking opportunity. In addition, it is important to keep in mind that you may not always know who you are meeting until it is too late. I have heard of CEO’s and philanthropist billionaires who have a less expensive car to drive and wear non-flashy dress in public in order to remain off the radar.

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