My use of Social media

I’ve recently stopped dedicating so much of my day to social media. This was completely a personal decision I chose to make in my life, and others should feel free to explore social media. For health reasons strictly, I wanted to take myself from off the scene for a while, and the best way to do that is to get off social media period. I deactivated my facebook account for all of the summer, and I rarely ever went on twitter. I did summer school, and a typical thing I noticed was just the addiction to social media accounts. Students would sit down, and immediately go check their facebook notifications.  After they checked their facebook, they would go check twitter. It made me realize that my generation is a bunch of facebook/twitter junkies. Lord forbid something happens to take facebook or twitter away from us. What would we do then? Truth is, I don’t know how to use social media, and I currently only use it for entertainment purposes.

I would say that companies use social media in a very effective way. My client for this semester is McDonalds and they use social media to promote items; the dollar menu especially, entertain the public, and encourage the public for a variety of different things; ranging from encouraging them to vote in this year’s presidential election to trying to persuade buying  a food item off the dollar menu. However, I do not feel like the everyday public is in touch with how to correctly use social media I’m speaking for my generation especially. I feel that we abuse it. I see irrelevant tweets all the time on my timeline on twitter. Facebook is a little better. I don’t see nearly as many extraneous status updates as I used to. I’m hoping that I will be able to know how to use social media after taking this class.


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