Social Media News Release (SMNR)

As a public relationist, it is vital to know how to write a Social Media News Release (SMNR) as well. Not only is it important to know how to write one, but you need to also be able to comprehend the background information that it takes to make one.

  • What is a Social Media News Release (SMNR)?

The definition that I gathered for a social media news release(SMNR) is that it is basically  a more advanced press release designed  for online use only. According to footprints website, a SMNR differs from a regular press release in three aspects; which are style, target audience, and technology.  SMNR’s are most useful when they strategically tell a story.What’s the Difference Between a Social Media News Release

What are the advantages & disadvantages of a SMNR?


Some advantages of SMR’s are  the linking,multimedia and social mlities of the Weeases more reader-friendly and useful via social media training. They can reach millions of people in shorter periods of time. It’s also very cost efficient. The cost to distribute news is extremely low once you have your website made. (Advantages of Using Social Media | Advantages of Media)

Other advantages are as follows:

  • Boost SEO and search engine rankings.
  • Stay in front of your target market.
  • Gain exposure and build brand awareness via several online and offline networks.
  • Build ‘expert’ status for the local business and owner.
  • Get creative with what you can announce and share.


On the other hand I found that they’re not very friendly to “computer illiterate” people.  People who don’t have a reason to go online, may find a SMNR non-credible. Information found from the following websites: Social Media Newsrooms: The Ultimate Web 2.0 Tool for Your  ;


Also, according to Rebecca Collis at , in an experiment performed, an analysis of data showed that SMNR’s are not as effective as traditional press releases.  After looking at the data, I began to think that perhaps people might view SMNRs as less credible. After all, how many SMNR’s are actually edited?  See the bar graph analysis below.


  • When should a PR practitioner consider using a SMNR?

A public relations practitioner should consider using a SMNR when they are trying to reach a wide spread audience across the country in the more virtual world. According to “A PR practitioner should consider using an SMNR when wanting to reach a global or large audience that the internet allows for. Online PR is about good communication. It’s about listening. It’s about relationships. It’s about providing really good news content to the right person at the right time. It’s about transparency and honesty.”

The following websites are very helpful in helping one create a SMNR: and

Pressitt is a free SMNR and publishing site. Using this site will help one pre-plan and create the SMNR.

Although MindTouch is not a free SMNR, it has advantages for the user in terms of saving time and is low in upkeep. MindTouch also allows skyping which is an advantage in allowing the reader to contact the PR team. A disadvantage is that it is that the cost from $180.00 to $480.00 or more.

  • Provide a link to a SMNR that an organization has created




The purpose of this link is to educate the parents of young children, ages 3-7.  The goal of this SMNR is to accurately make the public aware of Georgia Southern’s Cheerleading Teams in that cheerleaders do more than just cheer at games and compete. They also give back to the community by teaching young children good sportsman ship and how to be a team player. The target audience is mother with young children, girls or boys.

  • Provide 5-10 tips for SMNR creation:

Sometimes, it is better to learn from mistakes and disadvantages than advantages. If you are trying to reach the public by using SMNRs, then everything needs to be relative and made simple. The language needs to be simple and the format needs to be simple. Therefore, after researching disadvantages of SMNR creation, Rebecca Collis says that releases should be more syndicated.  

    1. Use simple key terms in your headline and make sure that they are present throughout the body of your release.  When people use search engines, they usually use basic terms. What better way of being discovered and becoming syndicated?
    2. Identify and know the target audience that you are trying to reach. Once you have identified them, be sure that you are able to use their language in the SMNR.
    3. Don’t use formatting because it makes it harder for SMNR’s to become syndicated and also makes it harder for readers who are not journalists to grasp.
    4. Maddie Grant at  says that a good SMNR tip is to provide additional content elements- related content, multimedia, links to related articles, social media sharing, easy to email/print, moderated comments.
    5. Get to the point. The body of the release should be between 250-400 words if possible. Share only information that is relevant to the announcement.
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