If you could get away with anything now what would it be?  What would be the consequences if you were caught?

Did you ever get away with anything in your childhood?

If I could get away with anything, then I would shoplift. There are so many items that I see in different stores everyday that I would love to have. I don’t ever have the money to get these items, so of course I don’t take what doesn’t belong to me. My mom has always told me, “If it’s not yours, then you don’t have a right to do have it.” Obviously, the consequences would be jail time, paying a fine, or some type of community service event.

I always got caught with everything as a child. There was nothing I got away with. I was unlike my brother, who was so sneaky about being mischievous. When I was in elementary school, we got report cards that fold in half; and the teacher wrote in your grade. I made straight A’s growing up, and this time I made a B in Science. I change the B to an A. Well, I tried to at le3ast. The teacher always initialed something whenever she or he did change something to ensure that they were the ones that did it. I circled the changed grade, and put my teachers initials on it. To this day, I don’t know what I was thinking. I couldn’t even write in cursive, and I wrote my teachers initials in cursive! I took the report to my mom still thinking that she wouldn’t be able to tell a 4th grader’s handwriting from a grown woman’s. I handed her my report card and said, “Look mommy! All A’s again.”  She looked for about one second, and then she said, “Go outside, and pick mommy a switch.”

She ended up not spanking me, but she was very disappointed that I changed my grade. She didn’t really mind that I made a B, but disappointed that I tried to change my grade.

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2 thoughts on “Shoplifting

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog. I would have to admit, if I could get away with shoplifting I would as bad as it sounds. A girl can never have too much, or so us girls think at times. Funny story, it brought back memories. Kids think they are too smart sometimes.

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