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Well,  for starters, I don’t think that my fellow classmates like me very much. I know for them to not actually be able to see me,  really makes it hard for them to know that I even exist. Not a single person replied back to any of my tweets, three people blocked their account and never accepted my follower request to follow them, and I couldn’t find their names when I typed it in the search bar at the top before Mrs. Groover provided a twitter name list. I was beginning to feel hopeless; then finally, eleven of the classmates started following me, but not a single one replied to anything I tweeted. The assignment clearly states to reply to at least five classmates, so following me was only a small part of it.

I was able to use twitter, not only for my own entertainment, but for the PR world as well. I followed all ten PR professionals on Mrs. Groover’s list, and I added several people in the PR world . I followed the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), PR news,  Marsha Friedman, Sarah Evans, Barbara B. Nixon, the AP style book, and CNN just to stay updated on my current events. I was able to learn so much! The AP stylestylebook tweeted that it has a new rule concerning the apostrophe, PRSA tweeted about the steps one would take if they wanted to become a member, Marsha Friedman linked an article in her tweet that explained the best way to do good PR on a budget, and CNN broadcasted about a 60-year-old coach raping little boys in the locker room. His only consequence was that the university took his keys away. Yet, he was still allowed access to the on campus to keep his boys program updated.

I will definitely continue to use twitter. I will still keep the most random tweets that never directly say how I’m  feeling. If I’m feeling over-worked, I’ll just find a song’s lyrics that express that instead of for verbatum saying, “I feel over-worked.” However, being a Public Relations major makes me realize that I really should incorporate more news worthy twets. I noticed that all of the PR professionals we were instructed to follow never tweet about what they’re doing or how they’re feeling. Afterall, NO ONE CARES! I enjoyed getting graded over something that I use daily. This assignment helped me realize that I have been abusing twitter. If your not doing so already, follow me @kenchelle_.!/Kenchelle_


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