Childhood Memory

My favorite childhood memory has to be the time that our family traveled to Busch Gardens in Tampa Florida. I was six years old, but my mom said that I was going on 26.  My diva personality at the time had started to kick in. In every picture that I took at the park, I had a “top model” pose.  Our family had gone on several vacations before but what made this one so different is that I must have had an epiphany of who I was that day when the famous Busch Gardens band who is known for their wonderful brass section pointed me out in the park and serenaded me with the song, “Baby Face.”  I never will forget that day.  We were sight-seeing when we heard the band coming towards us that morning in the park. The brass section was playing “Baby Face” as they walked up to me; then some of the band members stopped playing their instruments and started singing the words instead: “Baby face, you’ve got the cutest little baby face…” I can remember adlibbing to the words as they sang the song to me. I felt so special.  What a memory, I smile every time I think about it.

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