I target “target” to come to the ‘Boro!

I transferred to Ga. Southern from Kennesaw State. For those who don’t know Kennesaw is in a ritzy area surrounded by a mall,  restaurants, shopping centers, and just things to do to avoid boredom.  I chose to transfer because Kennesaw didn’t have my specific major, Public Relations. You had to major in mass communications with a concentration in Public Relations. It was a big step to go from a place that has literally almost everything to a place that has basically nothing. Statesboro got the name Statesboring because number one, the mall is the “small”. You literally walk in and walk out at the same time. Number two, it appeals to a certain target audience, and not a diversified group of young adults. Sure it has bars, but what are students who are like me, supposed to do for fun? I’m sorry, but my idea of fun does not involve alcohol.

 I chose to promote Target to come to the ‘Boro because that chain has everything one could think of. It’s basically an upgraded, fancy Wal-Mart. Students are forced to go to Savannah to shop because Statesboring doesn’t have a variety of stores. Along with the town and also two colleges, Statesboro has the population large enough  for a Target.  Wal-mart would be Target’s only competition, but I know this wouldn’t be a problem. Wal-Mart has become so over-crowded that the check-out lines are just ridiculous.  ‘The ‘Boro could use another store similar to it such as Target. When students get out of class, they normally go home and pretty much prepare for the next day. I see why GSU has the common misconception of a party school, because all there is to do out here appeals to partying and mainly night life. I don’t see why it didn’t come across the chamber of commerce’s mind to campaign for a Target in a college town to begin with. It’s so frustrating that Statesboring’s idea of fun revolves around partying.


5 thoughts on “I target “target” to come to the ‘Boro!

  1. Wal-mart is WAY to crowded, and the lines are redicilous, given they have cheap prices and it’s a one stop shop, but still. Target would be a great competitor for Wal-Mart and I personally believe that many of the students would prefer Target over Wal-Mart, or at least I would. Target also offers more high end clothing items than Wal-Mart. For instance, look how well TJ-Maxx has done since opened here in Statesboro. I’m sure Target would be the same way clothing, and food wise.
    Target would also benefit by bringing a grater electronics selection to Statesboro, since it has little when it comes to actual electronics stores, Wal-Mart, and RadioShack are all we have.

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  3. lol. Thats funny about the mall because I am from NY and everything in this town is a joke to me. When I first went in parked at JCPenny because I swore that the building was just JcPenny when I found out it was a mall I was on the floor with laughter. I never been in a mall where u can look left, look right and see every store thats in there.
    I totally agree with Target because Walmart is a joke. I go late at night or early in the morning because thats the onl time when people aren’t posted up playing catch-up.

  4. I mentioned Walmart in my post too because they are the main competition. However, I do think that Target would take away A LOT of their business. Target HAS to come to Statesboro! Too bad by the time they do I’ll be gone. 😦

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