If time travel were possible…

If I could travel back in time, I’d travel back to the time of the holocaust. Not that I would have wanted to have been living in that time, but I would have helped the innocent Jewish people who suffered needlessly at the hands of the Nazi’s soldiers.  Many people knew it was wrong, but they chose to keep silent, while Jews were being unfairly murdered and mistreated. It’s hard knowing that a time such as that actually took place. The concentration camps were by far the hardest to accept.  Jewish people were either starved to death or sent to the gas chamber to be executed. Then their lifeless bodies were stacked on top of each other and thrown into open pits. How horrific! I went to the Civil Rights Museum in Birmingham, Alabama once when I was a child. The manner in which the Jews bodies were thrown on top of each other is similar to how slaves were brought to America from Africa on slave ships. They were stacked on top of each other. Many suffered and died from diseases caused from things such viruses, bacterial infections, feces and urine, suffocation, and starvation.  It breaks my heart when I think about any mass group of people suffering because my ancestors were slaves. It’s strange how in life we see things happening and many times know that they are wrong. As a matter of fact sometimes the  majority of people can see that a small sect of people are wrong and rather than stand up to them, they just look at them and let those people get away with hurting others. What if Hitler had not lost his mind and started a campaign against innocent Jews and people who were not like him?  Then millions of Jews (approximately 6 million) would not have lost their lives, they would have had more children and that dreaded period in history would not have to be on hearts and minds of billions. So in order for any change to affect the future, first Hitler would have to get his mind right.


One thought on “If time travel were possible…

  1. I found it very inspiring that, if given the opportunity, you would go back in order to make a positive change during an event that still haunts so many to this day. Usually when people are asked the time travel question, they say they would go back to a time that either holds some personal significance or a postive historical event. You would never hear someone voluntarily wanting to go back to such a dangerous and fearful time. The relationship between the treatment of slaves and the Jewish people are frightenly similar, so I can see how this particular event can hit so close to home. Even though the Holocaust happened so long ago, its effects still echo through history.Just because it is in the past, doesn’t mean it can’t happen again, and it still is all over the world we just never hear about it.

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