What I hate to love

What I hate to love is what I call a guilty pleasure.  A guilty pleasure is something a person might enjoy but feels guilt for enjoying it.  Guilty pleasures can range from entertainment to eating unhealthy foods high in fats and sugars. Personally, my favorite guilty pleasure is eating chocolate because it’s full of sugar and fat–both of which I don’t need. At one time when I was physically active, this might have been okay, but since my accident has caused me to be less active, I can’t afford to love the pleasure of overeating chocolate. Now don’t get me wrong, my stomach is not fat, but since I am trying to get back my muscle tone and get back the six pack that I used to have, every time I even smell chocolate I feel guilty.

Another one of my guilty pleasures is watching Reality TV shows. I know that the majority of all of them are staged, but somehow I’ve become addicted.  Although I don’t like drama in my own personal life–I am ashamed to say that I do like to watch the drama in other people’s lives. I know this might sound awful and perhaps a little barbaric, but I like to see people physically fighting and disagreeing. Why? I don’t know, especially since I wouldn’t be able to stand that drama in my own life.  As long as the subject of the confrontation is not me, I am perfectly fine watching it.

Chocolate is a guilty pleasure because I

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One thought on “What I hate to love

  1. Reality shows are a guilty pleasure for me too, I try to hide the fact that it actually entertains me. But, i like the reference to ‘hate to love’, cool way of describing a guilty pleasure!

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