Is the world ending?

Well according to my Christian beliefs, no man knows the day nor the hour in which the world will end. However, the scripture does not say the year. If I knew for certain that the world end in 2012, then the first step I’d take is to make sure my life stays right with God. I want to go to heaven and not downstairs. The next step I’d take is travel and see the world. I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii, Europe, and Jamaica. I haven’t gone to either place, but I’d love to go. Thirdly, I would clean, clean, clean! I can’t leave this world with everything I own filthy. My apartment and car are the two major things I would not want to leave in a mess. As far as accomplishments go, I definitely want to have finished up with school and started my career. I’m set to graduate next December so I’ll be right on the border line before the year 2013 starts in January. I know that this will happen, but I also want to be walking without my cane and be completely independent.



2 thoughts on “Is the world ending?

  1. Good post and cool picture. At first I didn’t get the cleaning thing. But now it really makes sense. Getting everything in order is a good idea. Getting car, house, friends, family, life in general is a really good idea.

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