Your clothes are a huge embarassment.

Now that I’m walking, it enables me to get back into society instead of  sitting at home while my parents are going everywhere. I have seen some of the most tacky, unbelievably weird things. First off, there is no reason on God’s green earth to ever have on high waters; pants that are way too short in length. When I was at Southern as soon as the sun peeped it’s head out, some females thought it was ok to wear the skimpiest clothing that covered nothing. It was as if, short shorts with butt cheeks showing had become an epidemic on our campus. In my opinion, Tie-dye shirts should be banned forever. When I was in high school, I was apart of a click called the fashion police. We would go around giving tickets for incorrect dressing: bell-bottoms, incredibly baggy pants, being tacky, and wearing flip flops in winter. The fashion police was a fake group of girls having fun in high school, but I strongly feel that the fashion police should be incorporated in today’s society. There should be a fine that people pay for dressing incredibly ridiculous. As far as the classroom, baggy pants should most definitely be banned. There is nothing that turns me off than a male that wears his pants three sizes too big. Baggy pants, “busting slack,” originated in prison to show availability.


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