Favorite GSU Sport

My favorite GSU sport is cheerleading; this may be biased because I am a former GSU cheerleader. Although many don’t feel that it’s a sport because in prior years cheerleading was based on looks, popularity, and sometimes clout. I have several reasons to argue why it is one. To be a cheerleader you must be in the utmost physical shape, you must be disciplined and you must be competitive. These are all qualities of a good athlete. Some schools will let you slide by not being in good physical shape, but in order to cheer for Georgia Southern, you must be able to tumble, have outstanding jumps, tight motions, and good coordination. Tumbling isn’t just forward rolls, cartwheels and handstands. In order to tumble, you must run to gain speed just to perform a somersault. Cheerleading doesn’t require an object such as a ball, so it isn’t called “cheerleading ball.” There aren’t any games, but there are competitions. The biggest collegiate national championship is held in Daytona, Florida. Judges score the squads on stunts, tumbling, jumps, dance, and motions. The squad with the highest score wins the national championship in their division. I was on the squad in Spring 2010; we placed second at Nationals. This Spring 2011, GSU won Nationals making them the reigning national champions. Cheerleading also has trainers to ensure that an injury undergoes correct rehabilitation because just like in any other sport cheerleaders (the players) get hurt.


2 thoughts on “Favorite GSU Sport

  1. Cheer is certainly entertaining, I think I watch cheer more than the actual football game! Plus lets face nationals is a blast. I’m on Southern Explosion and watched both 2010 and 2011. I date Nate Schwan who has showed me that everything they do is so hard and takes more work than has expected. Did you hear about the “Stunt” Competition they did this year it was amazing to watch!

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