First Week of Twitter, or Should I say 5th month?

Before taking this class, I was already an active member on twitter. I  joined the twitter movement about five months ago because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about! At first, I could not understand what possibly could be so interesting about reading hundreds of status updates from “followers” and I  must admit my first month of twitter seemed pointless in my mind. Once I started following prominent leaders like Barack Obama and Sarah Palin I started to see just how powerful twitter could actually be. I was able to get quick updates on issues going on in the world, as well as participate in trending topics.

I was also able to use it for my own entertainment by following some of my biggest inspirations such as Trey Songz and Kim Kardashian.

Up until this point I have not used twitter for strictly public relations but I am now following more people in the PR world. It was interesting to see some of my classmates take on the beauty of PR. I retweeted one post from one of my class mates, that said Geico has the best advertising/PR/marketing team in the world, because I completely agree. I do plan on using twitter for more of a professional standput then an entertaing one.

Afterall, twitter is a prospering social network. Almost everyone I know,as well as organizations, use twitter as a way to send out important information to their audiences. Even the biology department here at Georgia Southern has a twitter to remind students of weekly assignments as well as tips for homework. To me this is extremely beneficial.

I’ve learned that twitter is what you make of it. If you never log on or tweet, then you probably will miss the major point of twitter. Also being active is the best part!  Your opinion by responding to people’s posts can go a long way. There’s no telling how many connects you could actually make.

If you aren’t already doing so follow me @_KNichelle….amd I’ll follow back. As of now I’m tweeting about all of problems surrounding Bishop Eddie Long. If your familiar with the case send me an @reply:)

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5 thoughts on “First Week of Twitter, or Should I say 5th month?

  1. It’s cool seeing someone who had a twitter account previous to this class. I understand your point of views and it really makes more sense and helps me understand twitter more as well. I really like the fact how you incorporated following Barak Obama because I recently watched him speaking to college students on televeision on BET network. I liked how they use twitter to reach out to others who cannot be in person or have the opportunity to ask questions they wanted to before. Twitter seemed stupid to me at first, but now I see how much value it holds. Although, I still only use twitter for PR purposes.

  2. I agree. When I first started on Twitter, I didn’t see the point. Now that I have stuck with it, I really enjoy it. Twitter allows me to stay in touch with several aspects of news and celebrities at the same time. In order for you to see how effective Twitter is, you need to keep up. This is really important. You will not get anything out of Twitter if you don’t log in often.

  3. This post is great! Like you, when I first started using Twitter I was a little unsure about everything. I eventually got used to it while doing our ‘One week of Twitter’ for this class. I strongly agree with your statement that “Almost everyone I know, as well as organizations, use twitter as a way to send out important information to their audiences.” So many people use Twitter now a days, it is extremely important to know how to use it. Being a PR major I believe it would benefit all students to learn how to use Twitter because they may have to use it in their job one day.

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  5. I find myself to use twitter much like you do. I originally didn’t see what the point was, but now love the fact that I can follow more than just friends, but also PR professionals, my favorite celebrities, political powerhouses and even my favorite organizations. I completely agree with your comment, “twitter is what you make of it.” You really can make great connections via twitter. I follow many people who post jobs and internships in the communications field. I had no idea Georgia Southern’s Biology Department had a Twitter.. Maybe Professor Nixon should create one for her future classes with reminders of assignments!

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