NewsU Cleaning your Copy

  • What did you learn?

For the most part the content in the course looked familiar. However, One of the common problems that I come across when writing is differentiating between that, which, who or whom. I first learned who and whom refer to people and that and which refer to animals and things. “Which” is also used for clauses that offer incidental information and “that” is used for clauses that give information necessary to   sentences.   I also have the hardest time spelling embarrassed! Thank God for spell-check right? Well a good way for me to remember this is two r’s two   s’s.

Also affect/effect. I still confuse these two constantly.  Generally speaking affect is a verb and effect is a noun.  For example,  “All the    partying you do on Thursday’s will affect your grades. ” Effect as a noun means results.  “The effect was very little. ”

  • What surprised you?

I was surprised to see that even telephone numbers had a correct style. You use a comma to separate the phone number from the extension. 770-584-2558, ext. 23

  • What would you like to know more about?

I would like to know more about effect/affect. It does make more sense but at the same time it still confuses me since they both can technically be used interchangeably.


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