Bishop Eddie Long accused of Sexual Coercion

Bishop Eddie Long–pastor of prospering and well-known church New Birth– was accused of coercing two young boys in his congregation to  have sex with him in exchange for lavish trips, cars, and cash. The two young boys have filed a law suit against him, and even though he has not had a court case yet things are not looking good.

This situation bothers me for so many reasons. Bishop Eddie long is in the position were thousands of people listen to him spread the word of the christian gospel, and having affair on your wife and sleeping with two young boys in your congregation is just wrong and sick on so many levels. Honestly, I am not in a position to judge anyone on what they choose to do. But I  strongly feel that if you do like men there is no reason to live a secret life by pretending that you are only attracted to women. It makes me wonder who can be trusted and who can’t.

Check out this article in the AJC, and see how you feel. I’m anxious to know the opinions of others.


11 thoughts on “Bishop Eddie Long accused of Sexual Coercion

  1. This is really some disturbing news. I know many people who have changed their lives for him, and if this story were to hold true, then this would completely shatter them and their beliefs.

  2. Every criminal denies their guilt for as long as they can. The truth eventually comes out. It appears the boys were under the impression they were the “only ones” Long “favored,” and when they found out otherwise, they became enraged and that’s when the story unfolded. Long allegedly began have relations with the boys when they were 15/16–they are now 20/21. So for 5 years he took them on trips and bought one of the boys a Ford mustang. These boys were caught in a spider’s web. They trusted a man who was supposed to be their spiritual leader. They enjoyed the attention and gifts he lavished on them. It’s possible they could be exaggerating the facts and retaliating because they see their “gift horse” now lavishing attention on others and they fear rejection. No one knows the truth or the motivations–yet. “But be sure your sins will find you out.”

    I watched Long’s address to his congregation. At the end of it–he stormed off. To me that is not the act of an innocent man. If these boys are completely innocent, they have done an extremely brave thing to expose a man who has 25,000+ followers–followers who want to believe every word he has to say. These boys have a long road ahead of them, I wish them peace and strength and justice.

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  4. This is pretty funny to me. I always get a kick out of extreme Ironies. If these two kids were solicited for sex and spoke up about it, I wonder how many haven’t. Surely, I can’t presume this man as guilty.

    There have been a number of other similar cases. There is a mega-church where the priest was sleeping with a man’s wife, had a child with her and paid the husband not to say anything. It eventually surfaced to the public.

    Want to know what happened to him? I’m not sure about the legal controversies, but he’s definitely still preaching.

  5. I agree, things aren’t looking good for the Bishop. I just hope that people don’t lose faith in their religion because of the corruption that Long is being accused of. People have to understand that whether he did it or not, Long is not the basis of the Christian faith. I hope that members of his congregation can find some alternative to losing their faith, perhaps finding another church to join or pastor to follow or if they are comfortable enough in their relationship with the lord, forgiving Bishop Eddie Long and continuing to attend his church. “To error is human, to forgive is divine.”

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  7. Let me start off by saying that this is the sickest thing that I have ever heard of. I don’t understand why people who are in a position such as himself choose to put their reputations and everything that they have worked for on the line. Someone such as himself should have never tried to talk those two boys into having sexual relations with him in exchange for lavish things, such as cars and trips. That’s considered not only child molestation but it’s also called prostitution. I guess he will realize what he did when he is behind bars. I feel terrible for those two boys and their families for having to go through such a tramatic event such as this. I also feel bad for his family and friends for having to be put into the spotlight for his stupid mistakes. They have to be embaressed that they are associated with him in any way.

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