You’re entitled to opinions, but let me bestow facts!

Comments offer feedback which will help the blogger know how the viewers feel about the content in their blog.  This in turn will help the blogger get a sense of how effective their blog was. Personally when someone gives a positive comment on something that I have done, it can fuel me to write more post about this particular topic.

Since we are human we are not going to always agree on everything. Every one is entitled to their own opinion. I read numerous conflicting comments everyday. Some of the most popular blogs are full of comments where readers take a blog one way and another group of readers interpret it extremely different. The beauty about a blog is that it is your personal feelings at the moment. Just as I stated earlier your blog is an opinion that you are entitled to. I think it is important while commenting to keep in mind that we all are different and view things very differently. Offering a conflicting opinion on someone’s blog is very tacky in my opinion.  If I could give advice to any bloggers I would say to comment on the things that you feel the most strongly about. Say something that you would want others to tell you. There will be times when you run across a blog that you completely disagree with, but keep in mind that it is just merely someone’s opinion.


One thought on “You’re entitled to opinions, but let me bestow facts!

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