Persuade ME!

The chapter highlights some key techniques in speaking persuasively

  • “YES-yes”…start with points that the audience will agree on which will lead to yes answers
  • Offer Structured choice…letting the audience choose between A or B “Do you want your major classes to be cut?” or “Do you want college tuition to be raised?”
  • Seek partial commitment…get a commitment on part of the receivers behalf. “You don’t have to join the gym today, but at least come to this free trial class to see for yourself just how great it is!”
  • Ask for more, settle for less…Be open to drop certain parts off of a fully completed public relations program
  1. Sender-the organization from which the message comes
  2. Message-discover the key message in which you want your readers to read
  3. Channel-The PR Job requires one to determine which medium will be the most effective in reaching the target audience
  4. Receiver
  • Publics-potential or actual audiences
  • stakeholder-groups of people who can be affected by the actions of an organization

Theories of Communication will help get your ideas accepted successfully.


Cognitive Dissonance-People will not believe a message if it is contrary to their prior beliefs.

Framing-“frame” a story to make it more interesting and understandable to readers or viewers.

Diffusion and Adoption

a.) awareness-discovering the product

b.) interest-getting more information

c.) Trial- the person tries idea works

d.) Evaluation-deciding whether the idea works for his/her own self-interest

e.) Adoption-incorporating the idea


2 thoughts on “Persuade ME!

  1. Good job highlighting the major points in the chapter. I really like the way you set up your blog post. The bullets, numbering, and bolding were very helpful in keeping things separated yet grouped together. Last year, when I was taking Intro to PR, setting up blog posts like this, is one thing that they stressed. keeping everything in paragraph form (which I unfortunately do sometimes) is not the best way to post things. People get lost in too much information, so bulleting things and highlighting the important information helps in so many ways. Again, great job at really stressing the facts from the chapter that were necessary.

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