Social Media to Me

I was twelve years old when I was introduced to my very first form of social media-Myspace. My parents were strongly against the idea of putting my personal information on the world-wide web for millions to see. However, I was at the age where disobeying my parents was as natural as brushing my teeth every morning. Against their wishes I continued to use the website for years and from it I experienced what came to be the ultimate learning experience.

MySpace became very unhealthy, and I will admit even a tad bit addictive. I checked it often and spent a large sum amount of time on it. Sadly it became conveniently comfortable for me to express myself through a social mediated website but difficult to do it in person. If someone close to me upset me my way of letting them now was to avoid conversation with them and then remove them from my top eight.

One day I took expressing my emotions on MySpace a little too far. My boyfriend from high school had broken up with me, and instead of telling him how upset I was I posted a blog on MySpace for everyone to read. In the blog I attacked his entire character and wrote things out of anger that I didn’t mean at all. It wasn’t long before he read it he replied with some of the most hurtful things towards me.

I was not at the maturity level to handle a website that promoted individuals to express their true selves, because at that time I was still searching for who I was. Now that I am older I am an active  on twitter as well as facebook-but they do not define me in any way. I use twitter as a form of entertainment and to stay current in news. Facebook is my huge picture album and a good way to stay connected with long-lost family and friends.

I would like to know more about blogging and podcasting.


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